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First rule of a turntable fiend? Make sure the needle clean.

This is hip- hop opera. Still les miserable. Big Poppa bare knuckle boxing La Chupacabra. Polly wanna vodka marathon until her countenance compares to a Picasso, or a Rothko. Let’s get facetious to a beat, count to three and we can see what sort of ink that I can spill out on the scene. Fuck a slow clap. Bust a rap over a low scream, switch to “Eric B is President,” and never lose steam. People have been calling me the rap James Dean, but that live fast/die young stunt just ain’t me. So people have been calling me hip-hop’s Clark Gable on the turntable. Have faith that I’ll finagle the mic cable ‘til phat rap lines flat-line the ADD addled mainstream. It’s karma Armageddon like Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle on the turntable.

First rule of a turntable fiend? Make sure the needle clean.

I got a brand new pair of roller skates and takeover breaks that’ll make soldiers quake, like rockets dropping out of an obsolete sky, carnage harder than the ire it takes to be fly. Spesh on auto-palm-pilot, bullying these all-nighters ‘til the dawn. I am on some King of Kong spite fire, despite losing my best lighter, my car keys, everything in my bank account, my best friends, so on. I mean, I’m hard as they thump (let’s get it on), and this beat’s got me believing that I’m Attila the Hun. Fill my lungs with the thrill of the hunt and get fatal on the turntable. I ain’t playing, this is 808 chamber music for caped crusading, chain escaping, heavyweight, creative greats anticipating visions in the shape of razor cadences to save you on the

First rule of a turntable fiend? Make sure the needle clean.


from Grown Ups Are Talking, released November 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is a rap duo like no other! Celebrated, decorated, and emulated, but never replicated, the group consists of two chums...just like you! Arison Cain and Spesh to Death are clever lads, emcees of the illest breed who aren't afraid to get their fingers dirty delivering crate after crate of soul-scattering flows over bone-shattering beats, and still be home in time for dinner! ... more

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