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Everybody knows Madonna's "Ray of Light" is the greatest song ever written. What this track presupposes is: maybe it isn't?


Still kicking it. I’m still kicking. Still screaming and swinging, I’m still in it. Still living filthy. Still trying to milk every ill beat dropped for that sweet spot, feel me? Maybe you don’t, but talk shit all you want ‘cause baby, baby, it won’t faze me at all. The level that this cranium’s on ain’t been displayed since William Griffin came in the door. Like Herman Hesse’s Damien, I’m waiting for war, craving the form corresponding with this ominous force. I stay cognizant of the bottomless incompetent of the populace who prominently populate the content. I’m so cromulent, Kirk vs The Romulans, swerving your ad hominems with confidence. Spit a rapid rap, then I spring back for the McConaissance to give these walking dead a little zombiance.

Magnificent. You gotta wake up, stay vigilant. It’s a cold ass world we’re living in. Now isn’t it time to get back, and get magnificent?

For Christ’s sake, pass the bread. This fast has to end so we can laugh again. Grabbed the mic and flipped the night right on its ass like the Wife of Bath. Might get hyper as a fighter at a title match. When I’m on one, I am like Ron Swanson meets Don Juan. I’m Batman. I’m batshit. Your shit is so damn average. My shit is so Stan Brakhage off a tab of acid. I’m listening to “Mr. Boombastic” by Shaggy in the back seat of a black Jeep, stuffing my face with Fatburger. Classy. If you ask me, this whole rap scene’s like a bad Dream Theater concert where hippie converts hit nitrous balloons ‘til they’re licking concrete. This shit is supersonic. Tommy, can you hear me? Loud and clear. Loop that chorus, and we’re out of here.

Magnificent. You gotta wake up, stay vigilant. It’s a cold ass world we’re living in. Now isn’t it time to get back, and get magnificent?


from Grown Ups Are Talking, released November 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is a rap duo like no other! Celebrated, decorated, and emulated, but never replicated, the group consists of two chums...just like you! Arison Cain and Spesh to Death are clever lads, emcees of the illest breed who aren't afraid to get their fingers dirty delivering crate after crate of soul-scattering flows over bone-shattering beats, and still be home in time for dinner! ... more

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